I purchased an eczema set and face products and absolutely love everything! My face has never felt or looked so smooth and soft. I have been to 7 different dermatologists and was not able to receive help for my tattoo that was so inflamed and itched so bad but since I’ve been using the soap and cream the swelling has gone down and I don’t itch as much. Thank you so much for everything! Oh, and my facial was amazing!

Melissa R. Colladoregular customer

I’m pleased with the service from checking in to finish. Pleasant and friendly staff. Of course, I’m also impressed with the products. I’m always into organically prepared and earth-friendly. Both to avoid side effects to myself and to the environment.

Vivien Abroguena Collinsnew customer

My favorite mask is the green tea mask, and after using it I noticed that my skin tone became super even. I have combination skin with acne and discoloration, and not only did it even my skin tone, but my face felt super smooth and clean after using it! I use it every weekend now and my skin feels so healthy!

Amy Wang Furegular customer

Got an AHA facewash and have to said this is such a great product. It doesn’t dry out and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean . Definitely recommended.

Also recommended the matcha mask. My skin is very sensitive and dry, I don’t have bad acne but I will get a couple of bumps every now and then. This mask helps with controlling acne super well, it will dry out my bumps by the next day. I normally do not buy high priced products but this product is worth the spending!

TuTi Tutiregular customer

 I used the honey and rose face mask, and after using it, I noticed that my skin was smooth and stayed very smooth for a few days. I like the product because there is no water in it, which I’m actually allergic to and compared to other products I’ve tried it did not affect my sensitive skin that badly.

An Vuregular customer

 I use the mango sugar scrub. I have very dry and cracked hands from washing them all the time and constantly using hand sanitizer, the joys of being a teacher. The first time I used the sugar scrub, my hands immediately felt moisturized. I didn’t even feel like I needed any lotion afterwards. I love it so much I immediately bought some for my coworkers for Christmas. I use the scrub once a week and my hands feel so much better! If you do use lotion, do it right after you use the scrub because then the moisture will be locked in!

Marie French-Zhengregular customer

My husband introduced me to Lillie to try out some of her beauty products “ Bliss& Sparrow”. It’s my first time to ever meet the actual person (a scientist) who made these Amazing products! Isn’t that cool! My first impression of her, she is very talkative, talented, creative, & you will see her passion in making these beauty products for people out there. So I have to share it with you all! The rose mask is probably one of my favorite. I love the texture of the mask, the rose petals swimming around in it. After a good exfoliation, the crisp coolness that I rub on my face is exhilarating, let it sit for 15- 30mins. I can feel the rose petals melting into my skin. I’ve used it once and for the first time I got great results. My skin feels soft and radiant. It works very fast so you don’t have to invest a lot of your time in it. If you’re considering trying a face mask I definitely recommend you try out Lillie’s products!

Suong Doanregular customer

Honey and Rose Face Mask! I am near the bottom of my mask jar. I have combination, benign skin. As soon as the gel touches my face, I would feel cool sensations. A few seconds later, my skin would feel a little tingly like the product is ‘working’ into my skin. Twenty minutes later, it is a breeze to wash away and I am left with literally soft, glowing skin. I had used a variety of masks, some were itchy and others didn’t feel or do anything.

Jasmine Tregular customer